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Dungeon World map by Tony Dowler

PnPG Recommends: Dungeon World and Perilous Wilds

Tweet If you’re a committed OSR gamer, you may not have read the award-winning RPG, Dungeon World, by Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel, but you’ve probably heard of it. And if you’ve never read Dungeon World, you almost certainly haven’t paid any attention to the wonderful third-party supplements available to support it. Well, my friends, …

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Wormskin, an OSR Fanzine

PnPG Recommends: Wormskin, an OSR Fanzine

Tweet In Necrotic Gnome’s fascinating Dolmenwood campaign setting, adventurers explore an ancient, enchanted forest, filled with haunted ruins, dangerous monsters, mysterious sects, capricious fairy lords,  and rival political factions. The beautiful OSR zine, Wormskin, has been the main conduit for Dolmenwood content so far. Necrotic Gnome recently released the eighth issue of Wormskin, so I thought …

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Black Pudding #1-4

PnPG Recommends: Black Pudding

Tweet Now in its fourth issue, J.V. West’s Black Pudding is one of the most entertaining OSR ‘zines going. Each issue offers 28 pages of 70’s-style, DIY dungeon-crawling craziness, prizing imagination over logic and fun over complexity. And while every Black Pudding feature may not fit into every OSR campaign, West’s rapid-fire writing, exaggerated illustration, expressive hand-lettering …

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