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OkumArts’ David Okum was one of the first artists creating printable miniatures for tabletop RPG gaming including Dungeons and Dragons. His line now includes dozens of PDF miniatures sets covering fantasy, sci-fi, steam punk, modern, post-apocalypse, western and superhero genres. He’s also designed several stand-alone games, including the dungeon-crawler Darkfast Dungeons, and the superhero skirmish game, Save the Day. His work is available at DriveThruRPG or his Patreon.

5e Minis from Okumarts

PnPG Christmas List: Okumarts Minis on DMsGuild

If you’ve read many posts on this blog, you know I’m a big fan of printable miniatures from David Okum of Okumarts. David’s line at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow includes dozens of sets of first-class cardstock minis, covering genres from fantasy to science fiction, steam punk to post-apocalypse, superheroes to wild west, Cthulhu to manga, and …

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Wood Elf Warband by Okumarts

ASoBaH: Three Warbands

Tweet I’d hoped to play Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes last night at my local gaming club’s Monday night meeting. In preparation for the evening’s skirmishes, I prepared three warbands using Ganesha Games’ Warband Calculator, and assembled some new terrain from Dave Graffam Models. I made sure I had ready squads of cardstock minis …

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