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PnPG Update: June 22, 2018

In today’s update, I’ll explain why my normal Friday featured post is delayed, and tease printandplaygamer’s first-ever prize giveaway.

Update: Tuesday Evening, June 26

The big Trash Mobs Minis celebration post went up last night, as soon as I finished the photography. Sorry for the delay.

As for the contest, I’ll officially launch it no later than Friday, June 29—I have to finish crafting and photographing the prizes before I can make the announcement! f you’re wondering what the prizes will be, consider that I just did a big feature on Trash Mob Minis.

My apologies for the continuing delay. This is a volunteer operation, and everything takes longer than I expect it to!

Update: Saturday Afternoon, June 24

It’s turning out that this feature is taking a lot more miniature printing and assembly than I expected. I’m working hard on it as we speak. The text for the post is already written, so as soon as I finish the rest of this (large!) collection of figures and get them photographed, I’ll be able to post the feature and make the announcement about the contest. Bear with me…this is going to happen soon!

Friday’s Feature Post Delayed

Normally, since it’s Friday, I’d be making the major post of the week today. This week, however, I’ve spent most of my blog-time working on site infrastructure, so I haven’t had time to finish the Friday feature post. It’s going to be a good one, though, and I apologize for the delay. The post will drop sometime this weekend, though, so sure to check back for it.

Big Announcement tomorrow!

Mystery Prize BoxIn conjunction with the infrastructure upgrades and in collaboration with the artist featured in tomorrow’s post, I’ll be announcing PnPG’s first giveaway tomorrow as well. You’ll find out tomorrow how you can enter to win, but if you look for the changes and upgrades around the site today, you’ll probably be able to guess what it’s all about. There will be two ways to win, and a separate prize packages for each of the two winners.

I’ll announce the contents of the prize packages tomorrow. I’m very excited about these prizes, because they are the product of a collaboration between myself and tomorrow’s featured artist, and also because they are something that you can’t get anywhere else. The contest winners will be the only two members of the general public who have these special items! If you’re a fan of print-and-play gaming accessories, I think you’re going to be interested in these prizes!

See You Tomorrow!

Tomorrow’s going to be a bid day for PnPG! I hope you’ll come by and share it with me!

Until then, keep on printing, and keep on playing!

7 thoughts on “PnPG Update: June 22, 2018”

    1. Sorry for the delay. Life got real busy, and the Trash Mobs feature post took a LOT longer to get ready than I expected. Turned out I was much, much further behind on my miniature assembly than I realized. I spent all day Saturday just making the minis for the photos for that post, and got the photos done and the post up on Monday.

      I’ve started work on the actual prizes for the contest, and will officially launch it on Thursday or Friday. If you’re wondering what it will be about, here are hints: 1) I’ve recently set up email subscriptions to the blog, and added Tweet buttons to all new posts; 2) I just did a big feature on Trash Mob Minis; 3) I’m known to the Cardboard Warriors Forum community as mini modder; and 4) There will be two prize packages, one for each of two separate drawings. Put those four hints together, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what to expect…roughly.

    1. Thanks, Warren. I’m trying to make two major posts a week, Tuesdays and Fridays, so check back often. Hope to hear from you again soon!

        1. Thanks for your concern, Warren. I’m fine, just suddenly very busy with real life. My wife and I are in the middle of a move to a new home, and we are buried with everything it takes to get the new house ready and get the old one on the market. I’d hoped I’d be able to find time to post at least once a week through the move, but we’re working round the clock on both houses. Things should settle out by mid-August, though, and I’ll be back to posting regularly then.

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