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Cardstock miniatures by PaperMini at Patreon

PnPG Recommends: Papermini Cardstock Minis

An increasing number of print-and-play miniature artists are distributing their work through Patreon these days. (I’ll do an overview of the cardstock minis scene at Patreon soon.) A newcomer who’s caught my attention is Lucas Marko, who’s just started a Patreon page under the name of PaperMini. In his first three months, Marko’s released a dozen cool miniatures, along with a selection of D&D-related character sketches that gamemasters may find inspiring.

PaperMini at Patreon
Lucas Marko’s PaperMini site at Patreon

Marko’s style is raw and exciting. Though he’s working in color, his work reminds me of D&D in the 70s, back in the White Box days, when roleplaying was all heavy metal and Appendix N. PaperMini figures may not have the precise detail of Printable Heroes’ miniatures, or the manga-inspired animation of Okumarts’, but his fierce little warriors have enough grimdark attitude to hold their own on any gaming table.

The PaperMini Deal

If you’re interested in Marko’s miniatures, you don’t have to pay to try them out. He offers full versions of about half of his minis for free—with back art, flipped versions, and often a reskin or variant. You can download them from his Patreon site, along with several fantasy character sketches. If you like what you see, support PaperMini with a Patreon pledge of just $1 a month to get all of the minis and sketches. Marko also has a $2 pledge tier, which adds printable scenery and architecture miniatures, though he has yet to post any of those items yet. If PaperMini can maintain this level of productivity, it’s easily worth $1 a month to support him.

PnPG Mini Mods

Necromancer and Barbarian by PaperMini
Necromancer and Barbarian by PaperMini, with color variants by Print and Play Gamer

When I first discovered PaperMini a couple of months ago, I did what I do with just about any line of minis I like—I started recoloring them! I assembled Marko’s first five miniatures onto a single-page PDF, and added variants that are flipped left-to-right and recolored. The page includes two versions each of PaperMini’s necromancer, barbarian, female warrior, archer, and elven warrior. When I showed Marko my mods of his figures, he graciously allowed me to share them with the gaming community. This sheet and the alternate colors it offers can be downloaded from Print and Play Gamer.

Download the PDF: Fantasy Miniatures by PaperMini, modded by Print and Play Gamer.

Visit PaperMini at Patreon.


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