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PnPG's Giant Toadstools

PnPG Freebie: Giant Toadstool miniatures!

Free giant toadstool miniatures at
Printable giant toadstool miniatures, free from

PnPG is excited to share the first of what I hope will be a long series of free, downloadable print-and-play game accessories–a PDF of giant toadstool miniatures! I created the first of these as my contribution to the May, 2018 Forum Hoard at the Cardboard Warriors forum, but this is the only place you can get all five color varieties, formatted on a single sheet for easy printing. In the image above, we see a party of Printable Heroes exploring subterranean fungus forest.

These ‘shrooms stand about 2.25″ high on the table, and fit on a 50mm base. I’ve also added suggested percentages for scaling them down for 40mm and 25mm bases, so you can mix and match sizes as well as colors to make a whole subterranean forest to feed your megadungeon ecology. Just select Cust0m Scale under Page Size and Handling, and enter the suggested percentages (75% for 40mm toadstools, or 45% for 25mm fungi) in the box.

PDF Download: Giant Toadstool Miniatures

More to Come!

I apologize for how silent the PnPG blog has been for the past couple of months–work and family commitments devoured my life for quite a while there. Things are settling out now, and I’ve got lots more content in the queue for the next few weeks. You should be seeing at least one new post a week for the foreseeable future, including more tutorials and free printable minis, as well as in-depth looks at some of my favorite print-and-play game settings and supplements. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “PnPG Freebie: Giant Toadstool miniatures!”

  1. The Giant Mushrooms look great and match very nicely with the miniatures from Okum Arts, Trash Mob and others. Looking forward to see what you come up with next

    1. Thanks, Brian! As you can no doubt tell, I’m a big fan and buyer of Okumarts, Trash Mob Minis, and several other miniatures artists. If you’re interested in more cool minis for free, check back next Tuesday. That’s when a full page of ten figures from Lucas Marko of will drop here at Print and Play Gamer. And there will be more minis down the line, so come back at least once a week to keep up!

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