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Welcome to Print and Play Gamer

Update: PnPG is Live!

Print and Play Gamer is now officially launched, so this post is now obsolete. Fortunately, my vision for what the site was supposed to be is basically the same as what it actually turned out to be. So as a brief introduction to the site, this post is still basically valid, and I’ll leave it online for historical reasons.

What’s the difference between pre-launch and post-launch PnPG? Well, the main difference is that the infrastructure of the site is now functional, and I am in a position to fulfill the promise to deliver new content on a regular basis. That doesn’t mean I won’t continue to refine and improve the design and user experience, but those tasks are far enough along now that they can take a back seat to actual print-and-play gaming content: product recommendations, DIY tutorials, and downloadable PDF games, supplements and accessories.

So, welcome to Print and Play Gamer, for real this time! I hope you find the content useful, and I invite you to leave a comment about any post. Enjoy!

(What follows is the text from the original Early Welcome)

You’ve found your way to…but you’re a little early! Over the next few weeks, I’ll be setting up an exciting new blog covering all aspects of tabletop gaming from a print and play perspective. I’ve already prepared quite a bit of content, including blog posts, how-to’s, photography, and more!

Watch This Space!

I’ll be formally announcing the launch of the Print and Play Gamer blog soon. Until then, it’s in a sort of beta test. It’s available to the public, but I haven’t actually told anyone about it yet. Feel free to explore, but understand that nothing you see is carved in stone. Anything might change before the official grand opening. In fact, if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave comments, and I’ll try my best to incorporate your feedback into the site’s development.

Cardboard Warriors Forum banner

Visit Cardboard Warriors

Until Print and Play Gamer launches, you can find a lot of my thoughts and projects at the Cardboard Warriors forum. Cardboard Warriors is an online community of papercrafters who game, and gamers who papercraft. It’s a great forum, with an active group of creative contributors who regularly share their work with the rest of the gaming hobby. You’ll find hundreds of fabulous, downloadable papercraft projects for gamers and gaming there, including several of my own. I plan to remain active at Cardboard Warriors even as I build up this .

So, welcome to Print and Play Gamer, and thanks in advance for your early attention and input!

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