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PnPG takes a close look at some of my favorite downloadable games, supplements, accessories and miniatures. Some are free, some are paid, and some are by subscription, but everything listed is highly recommended and well worth any cost involved. I won’t indulge knocking products with negative reviews–if it’s bad, I just won’t mention it. There’s too much good stuff out there to waste your time writing about the bad ones!

Black Pudding #1-4

PnPG Recommends: Black Pudding

Tweet Now in its fourth issue, J.V. West’s Black Pudding is one of the most entertaining OSR ‘zines going. Each issue offers 28 pages of 70’s-style, DIY dungeon-crawling craziness, prizing imagination over logic and fun over complexity. And while every Black Pudding feature may not fit into every OSR campaign, West’s rapid-fire writing, exaggerated illustration, expressive hand-lettering …

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